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THE WORLD - Tokachi Our Life is Our ART


In 2022, we moved our association’s main base from Tokyo to our hometown, Tokachi in Hokkaido, and under the slogan “Leave NO ONE behind”, we initiated THE WORLD project to provide a platform for everyone to think about the ideal image of society along with people’s happiness and well-being. This project is not limited to the interests of people with disabilities and their families but for everyone.

Today, whether they have a disability or not, many people are facing difficulties in life. Not everyone in the world can thrive in an economy-first, self-responsible society. In today’s society, which is moving toward chaos, we need to expand the place where people can live with values that are not based on the economy and self-responsibility.

The 6 hectares of farmland we own is located on a beautiful gentle slope stretching to the southeast, with the Hidaka and Daisetsu mountain ranges in the background. We want to grow crops here and share the harvest with everyone.

We believe that “self-expression” and “eating” are fundamentally linked to each other in terms of human life. As long as these two things are assured, young people can embrace their dreams, and people will continue to live their lives. THE WORLD’s mission is to expand such a sustainable place for “living”.

Greetings from the representative


Their art gently and quietly asks us how we should exist within nature. It is our responsibility as adults to guide this society, which seems to be heading towards chaos, in a positive direction. "Diversity" is the most crucial value that serves as the foundation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want to create a truly enriching society where we recognize and embrace each other's differences, allowing diverse individuals to shine.
We will continue to embark on further challenges together with all of you who support us.

Arts and Creative Mind Association
Representative: Shino Sugimoto

Introduction of Our Activities

Arts and Creative Mind Association was founded in 2014 by two sisters whose brother has a brain disorder. With the philosophy of “creating a more enriched and diverse society through culture and the arts”, we are contributing to the cultural development and the status improvement of people with disabilities by supporting their creative activities, organizing exhibitions, and selling their artworks.

With support from a total of 128 people, ACM Gallery was established in Ebisu, Tokyo, in 2018. Through organizing and holding exhibitions in Japan as well as participating in overseas art fairs, we have set appropriate prices for excellent artworks created by artists who cannot disseminate their works by themselves and helped to distribute this art. The creative activities of people with disabilities are based on primordial art that is directly connected to the “physicality” of human beings, which we are losing in modern society.
ACM Gallery is a place where people with disabilities can connect with the world through art, and at the same time, a place where a variety of people, regardless of social position, can enjoy interacting with each other, experience diverse expressions, and gain new perspectives.

Introduction of Our Activities

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