THE WORLD - Tokachi | 障がい者の創作活動の⽀援、展覧会の開催及び作品の販売等


About “THE WORLD” Project

In 2022, we moved our association’s main base from Tokyo to our hometown, Tokachi in Hokkaido, and under the slogan “Leave NO ONE behind”, we initiated THE WORLD project to provide a platform for everyone to think about the ideal image of society along with people’s happiness and well-being. This project is not limited to the interests of people with disabilities and their families but for everyone.

Today, whether they have a disability or not, many people are facing difficulties in life. Not everyone in the world can thrive in an economy-first, self-responsible society. In today’s society, which is moving toward chaos, we need to expand the place where people can live with values that are not based on the economy and self-responsibility.

The 6 hectares of farmland we own is located on a beautiful gentle slope stretching to the southeast, with the Hidaka and Daisetsu mountain ranges in the background. We want to grow crops here and share the harvest with everyone.

We believe that “self-expression” and “eating” are fundamentally linked to each other in terms of human life. As long as these two things are assured, young people can embrace their dreams, and people will continue to live their lives. THE WORLD’s mission is to expand such a sustainable place for “living”.

We aim to develop a community of people who empathize with our project mission and become involved in it. We want to increase our colleagues who share the “new values”.
If we continue to take action with a firm belief in the future, there will certainly be a brighter and gentler view.
We would like to ask for your support and cooperation.

We believe that among the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), “diversity” is the foundation upon which the other goals have been built.
THE WORLD project will carry out the following activities in collaboration with artists with disabilities from all over Japan whom we have met so far.

THE WORLD’s three pillars

Promotion of Art
  • Foster not only people who are already active as artists, but also those who are willing to learn art.
  • Expand sales and employment opportunities through e-commerce sites, NFT, robotics, and other technologies and strengthen the power of disseminating their artworks.


Management Enhancement
  • Operating facilities for Support for Continuous Employment (Type B)/Livelihood Care, etc.
  • Strengthen sales force by building an e-commerce site
  • Gaining members by disseminating project philosophy through SNS, etc.
  • Obtaining donations through crowdfunding, etc.


Development of Agriculture and Welfare Collaboration Projects
  • Supporting financial stability and independence through securing employment at farms and local businesses.
  • Production of agricultural products and processed food at the company’s own farm.