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Membership (Corporation) Credit card continuous member

By using the online credit card payment service, “Kaihi Pay,” you can continue to pay your annual membership fee using a credit card. If you choose card payment, please check the option “Register the card used for initial payment for recurring billing” to enable continuous payment on an annual basis. If you choose convenience store payment, we will send you an email with payment instructions and information on the recurring billing method.

We only accept Corporate Friend (annual fee: 11,000 yen/year, Benefit: Sending membership magazine). Please proceed with the payment from the “Payment Here” link. For Corporate Supporter and Corporate Partner, we are unable to process payments through the fee payment system, so we kindly request you to make the payment via bank transfer.

Corporate Friend

OptionCorporate Friend
Annual Fee11,000 yen/year
BenefitDelivery of the membership magazine